A Film About Moms, Daughters & Hair

Dec 13, 2013 5:43:11 PM


I know my early years shaped my views toward my hair – my straight-haired mother and sister  and the straight-haired world I grew up in. I knew it had affected how I approached my own daughter and her curls.

This whole topic is the subject of a film that SheaMoisture is making, and I was honored to be a part of it. Filming took place recently, and I joined several other moms to talk about this this topic, each bringing with us our own baggage to unpack on camera. It was interesting to hear some of the other stories and to realize how much we all have in common, even if one woman might chemically relax her hair or another completely shun products and primping altogether.

The questions were interesting and thought-provoking. What words would you use to describe your hair? What would you change about your hair? What does your hair say about you? Do you think that as a white woman with curly hair, you’ve faced different things than women of color?

I surprised myself with how, after all these years and 15 years overseeing a website all about texture, I still have not come completely to terms with my curls.  It’s still a journey, and I’m still affected by the struggles I went through as a child and teen.  And it still is there, in the back of my head, when I talk to my own daughter about her curls.


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Michelle Breyer

Written by Michelle Breyer

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