Curl Ambassadors

Feb 27, 2014 4:41:10 PM


We call them our Curl Ambassadors. They are a group of women and men - 10s of thousands of them around the world - comprised of community members, friends (some with stick straight hair) and family (some with no hair) who want to spread the gospel of curl pride. It’s as grass roots a movement as you can get, with people handing out cards to curlies they see to encourage them to love their curls.

We get emails every day from people who heard about NaturallyCurly from an “ambassador” on a subway, in a classroom or just walking down the street. Hairdressers around the country serve as curl ambassadors. One stylist told me it gives her street cred to hand out cards about NaturallyCurly because then her clients know she is really passionate about curls.

The late Sally Ride, the curly astronaut, was handed a card while getting off a plane in San Diego. She wrote in to us about her challenges fitting all her hair into her space helmet. I once handed a card to a woman in L.A. who told me I’d given her a card in New York. In the two years that had passed, she had gone to the site, found her hairdresser and figured out her Holy Grail cocktail - not to mention purchased a lot of the products she'd heard about on the site.

I got a call yesterday from a long-time friend- with straighter than straight hair – who saw a curly in the elevator. She told her about NaturallyCurly, and she said the woman’s reaction was pure joy. She happened to be a long-time NaturallyCurly member already. She talked about how the site had changed her life.

It made my day.

Let’s hear it for the Curl Ambassadors!

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Michelle Breyer

Written by Michelle Breyer

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