"Curls Have Their Families"

Apr 3, 2014 11:07:57 AM


Favorite curly quote of the day: “Do not disturb the curls. The curls have their families they belong with and once separated they will frizz.”

This jewel comes from curly specialist Leslie Ellen Abbate , who has made texture her specialty.  As a curly girl herself, she was subjected to one bad haircut after another. So she wanted to help change the way stylists work with curls.

It’s curl stylists like Abbate that inspire me every day. They are out there, behind the chair every day, trying to help curlies love their hair.

Read more of from our interview with Leslie here.


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Michelle Breyer

Written by Michelle Breyer

Michelle Breyer (michelle@texturem­ediainc.com) is the co-founder of content and ecommerce platform Naturall­yCurly.com and TextureMedia. By engaging beauty enthusiasts through original content, branded entertai­nment, social media, product reviews and commerce, TextureMedia influences up to $5 billion in hair care sales each year. Its monthly social, consumer reach is 26 million across a portfolio of digital brands, including its Market Research & Insights division, CurlyNikki and Naturall­yCurly.