TextureTrends Research Suite provides quantitative and qualitative insights that drive business solutions and on-demand access to consumer shopping behaviors and product needs.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, manufacturers, and beauty space occupants need insights from natural, textured, and curly hair communities that can pull in revenue across multiple channels.


TextureTrends Research Suite offers you access to the consumer information from the NaturallyCurly community, a niche-specific ecosystem of individuals with natural, textured, and curly hair.

While it can be a daunting task, TextureMedia, LLC is here to partner with you to make your marketing or product development not only easier, but cheaper and more effective.

Trendsetter Community

Our proprietary community of 13,000+ women with textured hair make it easy to conduct surveys among your target audience and required number of participants.

TextureTrends Database

Gain immediate access to the habits, behaviors, and needs of the textured-hair consumer from our existing research. Purchase one of our easily digestible reports or request a custom report.

Product Testing

We send your products to a defined group of consumers to test and evaluate. The testers use the product per your instructions and assess their experiences.

Brand Tracking Studies

Understanding your brand's positioning through awareness, usage, perception and customer satisfaction is vital. Gain insights that both inform and empower business decisions.

Concept Studies

Evaluate whether consumers understand the purpose and benefits of your proposed product.  Assess the intended or unintended need demand for the product.

Messaging Studies

Determine the messaging and promotional strategy for your business through controlled testing. Results will determine which methods will best resonate among your consumers.

Mobile Store Intercepts

Prompt shoppers in real-time when they're visiting a retail location to share their reactions and observations about specified products, their shelf placement, packaging, and other purchasing factors.

Market Research

Whether you’re creating a new product or trying to understand consumer perception of your brand, we can develop surveys, discussion groups, and interviews capturing valuable insights.

If you have an immediate need to understand the textured-hair market and consumer, browse and purchase our easily, digestible reports from our TextureTrends Store.

Learn more about how the TextureTrends Research Suite can turn your burning consumer behavior challenges into profitable gains by contacting us today!