Textured Hair is Queen

With so many consumers eager to purchase your natural and textured hair products, how will your brand know when to roll out product marketing campaigns, which demographics respond positively, or where the largest bang for your ROI buck exists?

No other Industry is as dynamic or robust as Beauty!

Limitless niches exist within the marketplace, and the hair care segment is continuing its growth at a rapid pace.

Unlike other research and data tools, TextureTrends Research Suite offers you access to the consumer information that will catapult your brand and its offerings to the textured hair care industry echelons. Whether you need access to our database of syndicated research, respondents for an existing survey, or a full-service research partner to execute on survey development to analysis -- we can help! Whatever the question, we will poll, survey, gather, collect, and report to get you the answers!

What we offer:

  • Quantitative and qualitative insights that drive your business solutions
  • On-demand access to your customers’ shopping behaviors and product needs
  • Increased ability for your brand to make on-the-spot and informed marketing and sales decisions.

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"The TextureTrends report provides expert insight into the hair texture landscape within the natural category. The data is actionable and extremely useful in understanding trends and consumer preferences which translates to an optimized assortment and favorable sales results."

Karonda Cook, Sally Beauty
Karonda Cook
Director of Merchandising, Sally Beauty


  • TextureTrends Analysis Tool
  • Industry-specific reports
  • Market Research
  • Ad, Concept, & Product Testing
  • Brand positioning & tracking studies
  • Customer satisfaction metrics
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Customer and target audience profiles
  • Mobile store intercept/on-site studies